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Co2 Sensor module
- Sensor module (B-530)
- Sensor module (B-530G)
- Sensor module (S-110)
- Sensor module (S-100H)
- Sensor module (S-300)
- Sensor module (S-300E)
- Sensor module (S-300-3V)
- Sensor module (T-110)
- Sensor module (T-110-3V)
Co2 / Co Transmitter
- Transmitter (CD-100 /
 CD-200 / CD-300)
- Transmitter (COD-100)
- Transmitter (AQM-100)
Air Quality Monitor
- Multi monitor (MB-350 /
 MB-350NV / MB-350U)
Supporting Tool
- TRB-100ST
- EK-100SL / EK-100TL

Supporting Tool

 TRB-100ST (Test and Recalibration Board)
supporttool TRB-100ST TRB Series enable engineers or customers to Test and Recalibrate sensors as needed in cutomer side, saving time and cost to return sensors to Manufacturer.
Supporting products S-Type (S-100, S-100/R, S-110, S-200, S-300E, S-300, S-300-3V)
T-Type (T-100, T-110, T-110-3V, MT-100)
Usage It can be used as incoming test, long-term test tool for various S-series and T-series sensors.
Test with LCD Display, Re-Calibration is executable with switch setting.
Merit Customers can easily check the accuracy of 4 different sensors through LCD display.
It save time and cost by customers' enabling on-site sensor check and re-calibration.
Recalibration Function MCDL (Factory set status or updated status in customer side) or ACDL (Periodic Auto-Recalibration)
is executable with switch setting as needed.
Power Supply Input: 100~240V 50Hz/60Hz, 1.5A, Output : 12V 3A (AC/DC Adapter is provided as default)
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