Medical area

ELT monitors have been widely used in pharmaceutical industry,
to protect scientists and students from toxic gas poisoning during the chemical or bio experiment or storage.

Cell Culture Incubator As for Covid-19 vaccines’ cold storage and transport are sealed to keep temperature low, indoor Air-quality monitoring sensors are essential precisely to keep workers safe. High CO2 concentration transmitters and monitors operating down to very low temperature is with dry ice freezing Improper ventilation working condition may lead to serious damage and casualties due to the lack of oxygen inhalation, i.e. hypoxia.

Vaccine Cold Storage ELT CO2 transmitters are favored on vaccine storage and transport because they operate the world’s lowest temperature range down to -40 Celsius degree. ELT CO2 modules, probes, transmitters are used in Incubator for patients care. High concentration CO2 gas sensors are used to keep PH indicator constant for cell cultivation.