• Mega wave of a small sensor - The world��s smallest sensor of ELT SENSOR with original technology for NDiR sensors. The power beyond the imagination of tiny but mighty sensors, Mega wave of overwhelming change has begun!
  • The technology of ELT SENSOR - is the world��s best technological power inspiring vitality into healthy future and happy life of mankind!
  • Healthy Future of Mankind and Environment which ELT SENSOR pursues - The world��s smallest NDIR sensors of ELT SENSOR value mankind��s sound and happy life as the top priority on the basic spirit of Love for Nature, Love for Neighbors, and Love for Science.
ELT SENSOR is a gas sensor specialized company
with world-class sensor technology.

It develops and provides CO2, CO sensors of NDIR method
with exclusive patented technology.
ELT SENSOR are preferred by industry leaders.
It enables various advanced application, such as management of indoor air quality,
air controls of vehicles/public facilities or school classroom, HVAC, monitoring of green-house,
with convenience and utmost precision at anytime and anywhere.

OEM ModulesOEM Modules
CO2 Sensor Module
CH Sensor Module
CO2 Transmitter
CO Transmitter
CH Transmitter
Air Quality MonitorAir Quality Monitor
CO2 , VOC, CO, Temperature, Humidity
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